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Stick Marsh Personal Best Fishing Trip

Stick Marsh Personal Best Fishing Trip

Stick Marsh Personal Best Fishing Trip

Florida offers the most unique opportunity to catch the fish of your dream. From fresh to salt, you have plenty of chances to fish all year long. Stick Marsh Personal Best Fishing Trip is one of the many benefits of fishing East Central Florida.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Larry and Pam traveling from Portland, Oregon to go bass fishing here in Florida. They love fishing and outdoor adventures they will remember for a lifetime.

The bite has been slower due to the summer heat. When the water warms, you have to locate where the bass are biting well. They love to stage next to moving water that has produced a great bite.

Larry and Pam caught a number of quality largemouth bass. Pam caught her personal best weighing over 6 pounds. They really enjoyed the fact that we were able to catch some really quality largemouth bass under tough conditions.

Larry and Pam will be back for more action in the future and I am looking forward to another chance to fish with these amazing people.

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