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Treasure Coast Lakes in Florida

Stick Marsh – Farm 13

In the rural Southeast of Florida called the Treasure Coast lies the nation’s most abundant natural fishery called Treasure Coast Lakes starting with Stick Marsh & Farm 13.

Stick Marsh opened to the public in 1991, and began as an effort by the St. Johns River Water Management District to filter the farmland runoff before it entered the St. Johns River. Much to the surprise of everyone involved, a miracle took place.

The impoundment, which was once a vegetable farm and adjacent swampland, became a haven like no other for wildlife of many species, including trophy size largemouth bass. Wild orange trees, palm trees, bushes, [Read More…]

Lake Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee has been the #1 bass fishing location in the world for many years. Lake Okeechobee known by many as the most famous trophy bass lake in the country. It simply because it has produced the quality big bass fishing year after year with very few low spots.

Our guide service specializes in bass fishing, that’s what we do. Central Florida near the Treasure Coast of Florida is our stomping grounds. Thinking of going bass fishing on the famed Okeechobee. We would love to provide you with that most desired fishing trip.

Stick Marsh Fishing Guide has helped thousands of anglers catch a “bass of lifetime.” We have been featured on many of your favorite fishing TV shows, [Read More…]

Lake Kissimmee

Lake Kissimmee one of the lakes on the Kissimmee Chain comprise the headwaters for the entire Everglades system. The upper part of the Chain originates in Orange County with lakes Hart and Mary Jane and continues south through many other countries. Most lakes are acidic with tannin-stained, but despite the color most of the water is very productive. Bass fishing on the upper Lake Kissimmee Chain is generally good most of the year. However, at times decent numbers of bass can found on the South end of Lake Kissimmee, including the Kissimmee River.

The lower part of Lake Kissimmee is comprised of lots of Kissimmee grass with scattered hydrilla most all have periodic navigational problems with hydrilla…[Read More…]

Lake Garcia

Lake Garcia is a 3,149 acre section of Blue Cypress Water Management Area and backed up t0 famed Stick Marsh. This impoundment is noted for good numbers of smaller largemouth bass with great action, but does produce its share of trophy bass each year. Largemouth, bluegill and black crappie are the sportfish most often targeted by anglers.

When the winds blow and you can’t fish other lakes because they get stirred up, you can still experience great fishing on Lake Garcia. The ‘great fishing’ proper name is spelled ‘Ansin Garcia Reservoir.’ In fact, this small impoundment is a great fishing hole.

Lake Garcia is located right off State Road [Read More…]

Lake Blue Cypress

Lake Blue Cypress has launching from Middleton’s Fish Camp on the western shore of the lake. Its just a short distance through the channel on left, and idle northward to lake.

Blue Cypress Lake is actually the beginning of the St. Johns River, a river of national importance that flows north to it’s mouth in Jacksonville, Florida.

Lake Blue Cypress is lined by Majestic bent Cypress trees extend out into the lake along this western shore. It provides very scenic grasses and Cypress knees all the way around the lake. This lake is an excellent choice even when water levels are low in this part of Florida. You can tell from the marks [Read More…]
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