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Lake Blue Cypress

Lake Blue CypressLake Blue Cypress has launching from Middleton’s Fish Camp on the western shore of the lake. Its just a short distance through the channel on left, and idle northward to lake.

Blue Cypress Lake is actually the beginning of the St. Johns River, a river of national importance that flows north to it’s mouth in Jacksonville, Florida.

Lake Blue Cypress is lined by Majestic bent Cypress trees extend out into the lake along this western shore. It provides very scenic grasses and Cypress knees all the way around the lake. This lake is an excellent choice even when water levels are low in this part of Florida. You can tell from the marks on the Cypress trunks if water levels are up or down.

Even during low water conditions we have no problem fishing and launching the boat. There are old tree stumps to watch out for just under the surface.

You will immediately see Ospreys flying and many nests as well. We also quite often see alligators and huge spiders hiding in the hollowed out recesses of the old Cypress trees.

Lake Blue Cypress Fishing

The lake’s average depth is only 8 to 9 feet, which allows for a good deal of water vegetation to grow. Though not ideal for swimmers, these aquatic conditions create terrific opportunities for bass fishermen. As anglers will gladly tell you, Lake Blue Cypress is a fisherman’s paradise: some of the cleanest water in Florida makes the perfect home for bluegill, catfish, chain pickerel, crappie, largemouth bass, shellcrackers, and warmouth. Best known as one of the premiere destination in Florida for bass, the largest largemouth on record at the lake weighed in at an impressive 18 pounds, 2 ounces. Makes sense, as the lake’s shallow depths create prime conditions for lily pads, sawgrass, and submerged logs to weave among the cypress roots, the perfect homes for all the lake’s fish. The FWC has done a restocking of the lake in 2008, to watch the video please click here!