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Lake Garcia


Lake Garcia FishingLake Garcia is a 3,149 acre section of Blue Cypress Water Management Area and backed up t0 famed Stick Marsh. This impoundment is noted for good numbers of smaller largemouth bass with great action, but does produce its share of trophy bass each year. Largemouth, bluegill and black crappie are the sportfish most often targeted by anglers.

When the winds blow and you can’t fish other lakes because they get stirred up, you can still experience great fishing on Lake Garcia. The ‘great fishing’ proper name is spelled ‘Ansin Garcia Reservoir.’ In fact, this small impoundment is a great fishing hole.

Lake Garcia is located right off State Road (SR) 512, just north of its intersection with SR 60. SR 512 runs from Sebastian, to I-95 (exit 156), to Fellsmere, and on south to SR 60.

Lake Garcia is open all of the time, there are no restrictions and it only has fishing rules with normal state limits on fish. None have to be released, but we encourage release of the bass if you’re not going to cumsum them. There are no facilities. It has a nice paved parking lot with a couple of picnic shelters and two boat ramps.

Lake Garcia Fishing Information

It is a beautiful lake that was also once old farm. In most areas it is somewhat shallow, so care is required until you learn the area. It’s not stumpy, it’s the submerged levees along the ditches that create a high that you will hit. The place is full of grass of all types, huge lily pad fields, reeds, etc. Wildlife abounds and it ‘up close and personal’.

The fishing is superb, once you learn the lake. However, the average fish is small. The good part is that there are many and action is generally really great. Have no fear, there are big bass as well. Not as many as the Stick Marsh or Lake Okeechobee, by any means. But, tie on the water and will find them. There is lots of cover to fish, that means you almost have to hit a big ‘un between the eyes with the lure.

If you’re looking to take the wife or child on a fishing trip Lake Garcia should be considered, the action and wildlife will keep their attention!

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