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Stick Marsh Fishing Guide Service

Stick Marsh Fishing GuideHere at Stick Marsh Fishing Guide Service we provide guided fishing trips on World Famous Stick Marsh / farm 13, and all surround lakes like Lake Garcia, Lake Blue Cypress, Lake Kissimmee and of course the King it self, the holy grail of fishing lakes…Lake Okeechobee. We fish for big Florida largemouth bass as well as crappie and bluegill. We have a combined guiding experience on these bodies of water for the past 30 years and keep up with the movement of the fish during the fall, summer, winter and spring periods. In Florida the summer period is so hot, but great fishing in the early AM or late PM. The fish for some people are harder to keep up with unless we get a lot of rain which allows for good flow of water. Why this does helps, it is not necessary it you have a very good knowledge of the lakes.

Stick Marsh Fishing Guide Suggestions

The prime time for most anglers to fish is during the winter, not only is more comfortable all day long, it’s the spawning time for the big Florida bass. Some guide services primarily fish with live shiners which in most cases allows you to catch more and larger bass. Why we do offer this, we also specialize in fishing with the most modern artificial lure and seasonal patterns. Either Way you prefer, know we want to help you catch that trophy of a lifetime. It could just happen to you, that is why we like to offer you as many different options to accommodate your next fishing trip to Florida.

The Stick Marsh Fishing Guide Service has fished for bass for nearly 30 years.  the guides have fished many bass circuits for several years ranging from Lake Erie to South Florida. Now seasoned veterans they have taken their knowledge of being licensed guides and tournament experience and offer it to you. Fishing the Stick Marsh /Farm 13, Garcia, Lake Blue Cypress, Lake Kissimmee and Lake Okeechobee, we have been able provide a guiding experience that has put our clients on quality fish day after day. But lets be honest, the fish don’t always bite…this is what some guides services will tell you. But what we know and have also realized, any guide can be a guide when they’re biting! The Stick Marsh Fishing Guide Service has the experience to make those bad days, good ones!

We’re located on the Treasure Coast which is just minutes from some of the best bass fishing in Florida.

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