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Florida Bass

Had a great day today on Lake Okeechobee with Jake and Curtis.

Great Bass Fishing

We had a wonderful day of bass fishing with the Potter family yesteday.  The water on Stick Marsh had a slight chop with lots of Florida sunshine.  Good job Potters! Til next time “Tight Lines” Capt Jason Young

Stick Marsh Bass

Mike and I had a great morning on Stick Marsh today. The day started with fog that lifted around mid morning.  We had great fish all morning long. Til next time “Tight Lines ” Capt Jason Young

Great times on Okeechobee

What a great day on Lake Okeechobee with Pat and Kathy.  The bass were big and their appetite was huge. Til next time ‘tight lines’ Capt. Jason Young

Great times on Okeechobee

What a great time on Lake Okeechobee.  Even with the wind we found plenty of hungry bass.

Afternoon on Lake Okeechobee

Had the opportunity to take the Matthiessen family out on Lake Okeechobee for an afternoon trip.  We had a great time and the bass were hungry.  Til next time “tight lines” Capt. Jason Young