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Headwaters Lake


Headwaters Lake, by most standards, is the newest lake and where you have the chance at a trophy bass of your lifetime. While fishing is fantastic on Headwaters Lake, we expect you will be equally excited about the wildlife and other significant sites while visiting.

This new Headwaters Lake, located in Fellsmere, Indian River County, Florida. A short drive from Vero Beach to the South, Palm Bay to the North, and Sabastian to the East. A project joined between the Florida Wildlife Commission- FWC and St. Johns River Water Management District at the right time. All while this project evolved, which construction spanned several years, 10 000 acre of land previously used for agriculture was transformed into a unique, fish-producing habitat feed with a boat ramp by St Johns river water.

Read along as we cover everything you need to know about St Johns River Headwaters Lake!

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About Headwaters Lake

In the Treasure Coast in Indian River County of Florida lies the nation’s most abundant natural fishery called Headwaters Lake. Fish and wildlife conservation opened Headwaters lake to the public during Covid in 2020. It began as an effort by the St. Johns River Water Management District to filter the reservoir before it entered the St. Johns River. Much to the surprise of everyone involved, a miracle took place.

Formulate over ten years ago, in the Fellsmere Water management area, FWC fisheries biologists spent over two-years with heavy equipment operators in construction transformed thousands of acres of farmland, cow pastures, and overgrown fields into an aquatic habitat. A jungle of wild trees, old channels, pits, and sinkholes, and what may be mistaken for creek channels, were all designed using heavy equipment.

Very few outside materials were used for structure, as the excessive materials dug out were reiterate. Cypress trees were planted after and during the project’s design, on multiple islands and mounds.

After flooding, it added to the river water management district habitat; it is now providing beautiful habitat and bird watching opportunities. Water depths will fluctuate from 2 feet deep to as much as 30 feet deep, all suitable fish habitat.

The Fellsmere farms reservoir has many names, Headwaters Lake, developed by the Fish and Wildlife conservation, Indian river county, and St Johns River Water Management, is also known as the Fellsmere Reservoir and Egen lake because of its various aquatic vegetation. As in many Florida’s excellent bass fishing lakes, cattails, lily pads, reeds, hydrilla, and other vegetation abound. Large amounts of aquatic vegetation and incredible water depth variations providing enhanced habitat for over 1 million largemouth bass and other species stocked.

A concept beginning the discussion in 2006, Headwaters Lake is estimated to become the state of Florida’s next bass factory. Early predictions from Fellsmere water management area from fisheries biologists suggest that Headwaters could become the best fishery in the United States.

It’s similar to many fisheries in Florida, but none of them have all that the Fellsmere Reservoir does. Starting with the size, almost 10,000 total acres and designed from Florida aquatic biologists’ ground up to be the masterpiece of Florida bass fishing, there is no other opportunity like this anywhere in the world.

Headwaters Lake Fishing

All fisheries are subject to good days and bad days; Egan Lake changes the rules. Witness by most as an improbable bass fishing theme park. The lakes stocked with millions of bass during construction, black crappie, bluegill, bowfin, redear sunfish, and gar are also prevalent.

Thanks to Headwaters lake boat ramp access for boaters which consists of kayak anglers, local bass anglers, and boaters from out of the area. Kayaks have a specific boat ramp to prevent waking and help separate the user groups. It seems the majority of the Headwaters bass fisheries use bass boats or kayak boats; it suggests this is the right time for the FWC freshwater fishing bass factory project to open.

Wildlife conservation commission FWC rules of bass fishing apply: find a bass fishing lake, find the structure, you will find the fish. Imaginably the only downside is the entirety of Egan Lake; the FWC construction looks so enticing an angler leaving the boat ramp of the reservoir can’t separate fish habitat from the lake bottom to cast a line.

Freshwater anglers should know, the shorelines, submerged trees, and seemingly endless expanses of underwater vegetation that hold fish. You just need to find the lake bottom having the bass factory with your trophycatch fish waiting for you!

Fishing Techniques

Most anglers are using many shapes and sizes of artificial lures. When the place opened, it was hard to go wrong as the bass doesn’t seem to mind a diverse menu. Worms, spinnerbaits, plugs, swimbaits, and jerk baits are excellent starting places.

Because of the vegetation density, it’s recommended to use weedless when possible. You can throw a deep-diving crankbait with several locations without catching salad on every cast.

Unlike Stick Marsh, Florida Fish and Wildlife permit bass in all Headwaters lake is currently under the state five fish limit.

Headwaters bass fishing

Headwaters Lake Fishing Guide Service

Headwaters Guide Service can provide your complete freshwater fishing needs while fishing Headwaters, the newest, most fantastic fishing destination in the U.S.

The impoundment and astonished marine biologists opened to public fishing only to find 10, 12, and 13-pound bass caught by equally amazed fishermen daily. Today, fishermen and wildlife enthusiasts from across the country flock to Fellsmere Reservoir year-round to enjoy the natural wildlife and “the world’s best bass fishing” headed up by Stick Marsh Fishing Guide Service.

Even beginners can reel in monster trophy bass with a useful fishing guide weighing over 10 and 12 pounds. The key is knowing where to find these elusive lunkers in the maze of underwater structure.

Contact us for additional information on Headwaters Lake Fishing Trips; for more history on Stick Marsh’s fishing, click here or visit MYFWC!

For more than two decades, Headwaters Lake Fishing Guides has been touring anglers on the waters of Stick Marsh off the Treasure Coast of Fl. Fellsmere the closest town in Central Florida to Garcia, and Blue Cypress lake for giant Florida strain largemouth bass.

Headwaters Lake Boat Ramp

  • Headwaters lake boat ramp, located west of Babcock Street with limited parking spaces.
  • When turning onto Fellsmere Grade from west of Babcock Street, there will be no indication that the parking lot is full.
  • Daily hours of operation of Headwaters lake boat ramp — opens one hour before sunrise, closed one hour after sunset. Also: Be prepared for darkness; there is no lighting in the parking lot or road.
  • Headwaters lake boat ramp parking;
  • Only use designated areas.
  • Fellsmere Grade dirt road is prohibited. Enforced by Law enforcement agencies may ticket or tow violators.
  • Stick Marsh boat ramp is used for overflow parking west Fellsmere Grade Recreation Area project; it’s 2 miles west between the two ramps.
  • When leaving Headwaters lake boat ramp in “S” canal boat speed limits shall not exceed 25 mph.
  • A mixture of habitats can be found in the Fellsmere Water Management Area, so look ahead for shallow-water obstacles in low water levels.
  • Designated marked access canals portion of interior canals are “idle speed only,” no wake.
  • Florida Fish and wildlife permit paddle craft may continue to launch off the levee in Headwaters Lake’s northwest corner, accessed via the Stick Marsh parking area.
  • No airboats are allowed.

Things to Remember about the Fellsmere Water Management Area

Wildlife conservation commission and St Johns River water management district created this as a water quality improvement projects act. A 10 000 acre flood control reservoir for water resource protection. So enjoy Fellsmere water management area why you can, as fishing is not the number priory for these state agencies. The Florida boating improvement program, limited parking spaces, and access to the 10 000 acre reservoir by closing access to one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset. Enjoy it now, and keep your fingers crossed going forward.

Just around the Corner

Fellsmere water management area, now Headwaters Lake, in Indian River County located near Palm Bay to the north, Vero Beach to the south, and Sebastian to the east. All these towns provide excellent access and a selection of restaurants and lodging. Sebastian has limited housing but some great riverfront dining and access to good saltwater fishing on the Treasure Coast.

So finish up your day with 25 bass, which is not uncommon, and be a tourist and enjoy South Florida sunshine, great food, and beautiful beaches.